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‘Get Fresh’ this week at QAFM

August 27, 2012  |  Share

8/30 from 3:00 to 7:30pm

The ‘Feed Lot’ isn’t just for dinner! Discover two more food artisans in the “Feed Lot” who were unable to be at the market last week:

McSweet Pickled Gourmet is the place to seek out Jim for his French olive medley in a fresh herbal oil marinade that is perfect for dipping with a Columbia City baguette. It also makes tapenade as easy as 1-2-3.

Seattle Urban Honey is our most local food producer. Their hives are located in backyards around town including right here in Queen Anne, so choose your jar by zip code!

Talking to our farmers, this week’s market is going to be one of the best. For starters:

Alvarez Farm – Their sweet corn goes fast, so get to the market early. Green peppers have ruled the day so far, but they want to let you know that red, yellow, and purple are on the way!

Cha Gardens helps keep fall at bay with big, beautiful and sunny sunflowers and dahlias (yes, hard to believe it is just around the corner).

Golden Glen Creamery has dreamed up delicious butter blends that are churned with honey, garlic, cinnamon spice, and herbs de Provence.

Skagit Sun – sweet, juicy Chandler blueberries are the biggest blues at the market. And, much, much more!

Chef Becky Selengut share her culinary talents (and humor)

August 27, 2012  |  Share

8/30 at 5:30pm to 6:30pm in the Rene Stern sponsored chef tent

Welcome back, Becky Selengut! Becky’s diverse career has included stints on two PBS cooking shows, cooking on a yacht and teaching cooking to refugees to help them train for jobs in the food industry. She is the owner of Cornucopia, a private chef and cooking instruction company; and founder of the local foods database, Seasonal Cornucopia. A prolific writer, Becky is the co-author of the Washington Local and Seasonal Cookbook, a columnist for Edible Seattle magazine and runs the blog Chef Reinvented. Good Fish, an NPR-notable cookbook on Pacific Coast sustainable seafood, is her second book. In her spare time she enjoys foraging in the woods for tasty wild edibles.

As for us at QAFM, we love watching her cook, learning from her and her great sense of humor. Here’s a small sample in Becky’s own words: “Chef, writer, teacher, forager; too many interests, too little time, way too much to laugh about, except for the karmic hilarity of being a chef allergic to garlic. That’s not funny. Stop laughing.” Need a second round? The tag line on her Chef Reinvented website reads “cooking words, writing food, drinking tequila.” Need a third dose? Join us in the Chef Tent this week at 5:30pm to experience in person what this “Chef Reinvented” is up to these days!

Troupeau Acadien returns to headline ‘Feed Lot’ Music Tent

August 27, 2012  |  Share

8/30 at 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the EveryBlock sponsored ‘Feed Lot’ music tent.

Stretch out under sunny skies with your produce (forecast is for sunny skies and 70’s), grab some “vittles”, sit back, relax and enjoy some Classic Cajun, a little Creole, and some tasty vintage country. That’s what’s in store for you this week in the ‘Feed Lot” music tent when Troupeau Acadien returns to QAFM. However, with Jerry Muhasky on guitar and vocals, guest artist David Cahn on bass, Virginia Hand on accordion, Chris Russ on fiddle and vocals, and Claudia Anastasio on fiddle, you won’t be sitting still for long. We guarantee that you will soon find yourself tapping your fingers, then your toes, and maybe, just maybe, taking a little two-step, high step or whatever step you got!

Farm Fresh Dinner to support QAFM

Farm Fresh Dinner to support QAFM

August 25, 2012  |  Share

The QA Farmers market presents our first dinner and hands on cooking workshop, hosted by the Pantry at Delancey on October 2nd. Click for details!

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Get Fresh & Local at QAFM

August 18, 2012  |  Share

8/23 from 3:00 to 7:30pm

We are always surprised when market goers are surprised to discover all the “Feed Lot has to offer. It isn’t just a place to grab a delicious dinner or snack on a beautiful summer night, it’s also where you‘ll find incredible food artisans and their incredible artisanal foods.

If you have not done so yet, expand your QAFM experience to visit:

Rome at Farmers Market Preserves and taste his newest imaginative jam combinations, like nectarine with lemon and basil or pear with red wine and cinnamon.

Columbia City Bakery and check out their farmers market zucchini bread.

Honest Biscuits is trying something new with blueberry crisp.

Mountain Lodge Farm is featuring a 5 peppercorn chevre. Ask them about their September feta cheese making class on their farm in Eatonville.

Seattle Urban Honey is our most local food producer. Their hives are located in backyards around town including right here in Queen Anne, so choose your jar by zip code!

Rosie Bones makes healthful, simple ingredient treats your dogs will love and you’ll love to give them.

Sweet Coconut Bakery makes a variety of sweets and snacks with a Filipino twist – Hazel’s pastillas de leche are a perfect match for your Saturday morning coffee.

McSweet Pickles is taking this week off, but seek Jim out the following week French olive medley with a fresh herbal oil marinade that is perfect for dipping with a Columbia City baguette.

From Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood, The Mushroom Farm brings us the finest organic, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, plus mushroom kits to grow your own. Be sure to catch them this week since they only come once a month.

We love Glen Vallie for Rob’s special recipe BBQ sauce, but did you know he’s also a master bike mechanic? Ride your bike to the market and he’ll teach you tune up tricks for free!

QAFM Supporter & Celebrated Seattle Chef ETHAN STOWELL

August 18, 2012  |  Share

8/23 at 5:30pm in the Rene Stern sponsored chef tent

Celebrated Seattle Chef Ethan Stowell is all about keeping it simple and using fresh ingredients, then allowing his sublime food to do the talking. He shares this approach in his packed restaurants – Staple & Fancy (Ballard), Tavolata (Belltown), How To Cook A Wolf (Queen Anne) and Anchovies & Olives (Capitol Hill – and in the QAFM Chef Tent. As one of the market’s biggest supporters, we are so honored to him to cook for us this season, so join us!

P.S.     If you have to miss Ethan’s demo this week, visit one of his fabulous restaurants soon or  check out his latest creation, Ballard Pizza Company.

Keaton Collective Headlines ‘Feed Lot’ Music Tent

August 18, 2012  |  Share

8/23 at 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the EveryBlock sponsored ‘Feed Lot’ music tent.

Keaton Collective is a band that brings new life to rock and roll, country and dance music. Connected by previous tours and others bands, these musicians set out to create their own indie super-band. Never holding back from pushing themselves, their albums and performances showcase great diversity in harmonies, melodies, and instrumentation across the spectrum of rock and roll. Thanks Keaton Collective for coming to the QAFM!!!

Did you know the musicians at QAFM donate their performances? Many market goers tell us live music is one of the things that makes our market unique and special. We buy them dinner, and though you are under absolutely no obligation, perhaps you would you consider showing your appreciation by purchasing a CD or throwing a bill into tip jar next time you hear a performer or band you like?


August 18, 2012  |  Share

8/23 – 3:00pm to 6:00pm in the QAFM Café.

Does this Americano go with my Ferragamo’s? Queen Anne’s stylish man-about-town, Brent Martin, is so busy with fashion consulting these days that he hardly has time to set down his fedora. However, this Thursday, he has generously made time to volunteer as host of the QAFM Coffee Care. Come say hello to Brent to pick up some hot fashion tips and some cold expresso drinks. A huge thanks to Brent and Pat Nolan of “Pats on the Ave” fame for generously donating the use of his coffee cart. All proceeds go to QAFM.

Special QAFM Guests Harmonica Pocket – Music & Hula Hoops!

August 10, 2012  |  Share

8/16 at 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the EveryBlock sponsored ‘Feed Lot’ music tent.

This is it – The Harmonica Pocket!!! This is the music performance of the season that no kid on QA should miss. Keeth Monta Apgar, Jon Ryser, Nala Walla and Lorne Watson are here to entertain us in more ways than you can imagine, incorporating story-songs, stage props and dance into a cheery, sing-along show with wah-wah guitar, ukulele, jaw harp, harmonicas, drums and an invented instrument called a “Hinklehorn” (made up of a kazoo and plumbing fixtures)  just for starters!

After they play a set of their super fun kid’s music for kids and grown-ups alike, they’ll be holding a Hula Hoop class. Right on the lawn! Nala will show her amazing hoop skills and teach big and small kids her tricks. They’ll have hoops available for those that want to join in the fun.

As both a recording and live performance project, The Harmonica Pocket is known for its outside-the-box, headphone-pop, and highly improvised live shows laced with unusual cover songs. They have performed sold-out shows in theaters and in packed classrooms nationwide and arrive at QAFM just 2 days after the release of their latest CD, Apple Apple. This is an exciting time for the band and an exciting time for us at the market, so join in the fun!

Chef & Author Michael Natkin – Interactive Cooking Demonstration & Book Signing

August 10, 2012  |  Share

8/16 at 5:30pm in the Rene Stern sponsored chef tent.

Chef and Author Michael Natkin has been featured in the New York Times, Saveur, NPR and Fine Cooking. He returns to QAFM to share his new cookbook, Herbivoracious. Heidi Swanson, author of and Super Natural Every Day, wrote, “Michael Natkin has a talent for enticing and boldly flavored creations that are colorful, thoughtful and fresh!” The author himself explained. “I’ve written Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes to rid the world of bland, beige vegetarian food. If the idea of Crispy Polenta Cakes with White Beans and Morel Mushrooms, a Caramelized Apple and Blue Cheese Crostini, or beautiful Asparagus with Nori Butter makes you really hungry, this is the cookbook for you!”

Michael will share an interactive cooking demonstration where he’ll highlight recipes from his new book. He include a recipe using the special QAFM ingredient of the day-APPLES-and is available to answer any and all questions. Queen Anne Books will have a special table set up right next to the chef tent selling Michael’s cookbook, and if you can’t make it to the market, you can catch him at 6:30pm at the bookstore.

Kid’s APPLE craft activities

August 10, 2012  |  Share

8/16 – 4:00pm in the Rene Stern sponsored chef tent.

Who knew apples could be so crafty?? Join us in the Chef Tent, where kids will get the chance to make some fun stuff out of, you guessed it, APPLES!! Apple head dolls, apple necklaces, and who knows what else they’ll come up with? Kids, after you play some apple games in the ‘Feed Lot’, come by the Chef Tent and get creative!!

Toss the APPLE in the Bushel – a Kids’ Game

August 10, 2012  |  Share

8/16 from 3:00-5:00pm in the EveryBlock sponsored ‘Feed Lot’ music tent

What better way to warm up for Harmonica Pocket’s new Apple Apple album than with a game involving….apples! Join us in the ‘Feed Lot” for the fun and games.

A big thank you to Calendula Farms for providing the beautiful and in-theme apple trees that will decorate the “Feed Lot” music tent. If you would like some apple trees to create your own mini-orchard at you home, they are available for purchase.

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